Heavy Trailers

Biaxial low bed semi-trailer

Semitrailer low tram trawl ternary

Semitrailer low tram four-wheeled trawl

5 axle low bed semi trailer


Напівпричіп контейнеровоз з кузовом

We Produce

Trailers and low loaders semi-trailers (trailers) - transportation of: agricultural machinery (combines, tractors, equipment for grain harvesting machinery), various oversized cargoes, special and road machinery (bulldozers, excavators, asphalt pavers, road rollers), military equipment (tanks, armored vehicles, zenith complexes, trucks)

Specialized trailers - transportation: small vehicles (rollers, tractors), various vehicles weighing up to 8000 kg.

Semitrailers are made of special steel, with the help of modern equipment and qualified personnel.
Semi-trailers are tested and verified by the Quality Control Department with the assistance of independent expert technical centers

The complete set of semi-trailers is carried out only with high-quality spare parts and components, both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Low loader semitrailers developed by PSE «ECHO» can carry almost all loads. The specially designed design and loading system makes our semi-trailers at the same time very convenient to use and reliable and safe.